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Gilley’s Fourth of July Celebration With Friends in Pittsburgh

Gilley's fourth of July celebrationThis past Fourth of July holiday, Gilley had a blast with his friends in Pittsburgh! When the weather heated up in the early afternoon, Gilley attended a barbeque complete with a swimming pool, which was ideal for cooling off in the ninety degree temperatures. Gilley’s friend, Willy, had a newly renovated outdoor area that was perfect for entertaining and hosting a Fourth of July picnic. Not only did he have a new swimming pool installed, but he also added a patio, Jacuzzi, and beautiful landscape lighting. Gilley admired the remodel and asked Willy about the work that was done. He informed Gilley that Gillece Services had assisted with all of the outdoor installations because a professional electrician should always handle wiring and other electrical-related work. Gilley noted that everything looked great and, from what he could tell, safely and securely installed.

As the day continued, Gilley and friends splashed around in the pool and drank refreshing water to stay cool. Gilley thought the water tasted extra crisp, but maybe because it was so hot outside. Then, Willy told everyone how he had gotten a water filtration system in his house to have clean, pure, great-tasting water from any tap without the waste of water bottles. It turned out that Gillece Services had also installed the water filtration system. Willy swore by Gillece for all of his home’s emergency, maintenance, and replacement needs.

Later in the day, Gilley noticed the sky was starting to get dark and that rain clouds were looming overhead. At the sound of thunder and as raindrops began to fall, Gilley and all of his friends moved indoors to escape the storm. It turned out to be a refreshing change of atmosphere because the air conditioning was on and blowing wonderfully cool air! Gilley and friends gathered in the kitchen and cooled down, waiting for the storm to pass. Everyone commented on how nice it felt inside after they had spent so much of the day in the sun. Willy told them he had recently upgraded his home comfort system because his air conditioner and furnace were over ten years old and had not been working properly. Gillece Services installed new, high-efficiency equipment that saved on energy and helped Willy to save on his heating and cooling bills. He said he didn’t have to worry anymore about turning the air on and being able to rely on it to run and to perform, especially with the recent rise in Pittsburgh heat!

Soon enough, the rain subsided and the sun came out, inviting Gilley, Willy, and all their friends back outside to enjoy the rest of the day. They made their way back into the pool and played all day until it was time for fireworks! Gilley had a great Fourth of July and can’t wait to go back to Willy’s outdoor oasis, which was more than perfect for celebrating with friends and enjoying the summer in Pittsburgh weather and the holiday!