Pittsburgh Electrical Panel Services

Ensure your electrical system can keep up with your appliances. Call today for reliable electrical panel services and ask about our Service Partner Plan!

As a control panel of sorts for all the electricity in your home, your electrical panel is pretty important. At Gillece Services, we’ve served the Pittsburgh, PA, area for almost 40 years and strive to be your #1 choice for home services. When your breaker box is struggling to regulate your home's electricity, and you’re dealing with regularly tripped breakers, you can rely on our professional electricians.

Wiring and electrical faults are a leading cause of residential fires. Let us repair or upgrade your electrical panel to keep your home’s power running safely and efficiently.

Electrical maintenance is easy with our Service Partner Program membership. Learn more, then call us to schedule your first visit!

Check condition of main service panel, breakers and meter base; as well as any additional service panels in the home

Signs You Need Breaker Panel Repair

Circuit breakers and panels are reliable choices, but they can still present problems that put your home at risk. Common signs of a break panel problem include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing or humming from the electrical panel
  • Frequently tripped circuits
  • Sudden electric bill increases

If your panel is smoking or sparking, cut the power immediately and call us—we’re available 24/7. We’ll be there fast.

Do You Need a Fuse Box Replacement?

If you have a fuse panel box or other older electrical panel over 25 years old, you should consider upgrading to a more modern breaker box replacement.

Older panels often struggle to keep major modern appliances running at full power, resulting in dim or flickering lights. You may even need to turn off one device to use others. Fuse boxes also tend to leak electricity and are more difficult to use.

To fix these efficiency problems and reduce the chance of electrical fires, make sure that your electrical panel can handle the stress that your appliances and electronics put on your system.

We do more than just fuse and breaker boxes. Our team can handle wiring problems of all types! You can rely on us for all your electrical service needs.

Stay Safe with Regular Electrical Panel Inspections

Given the significant safety risks of a malfunctioning electrical panel, we recommend scheduling annual inspections to ensure everything is still in good shape. Regular breaker box maintenance will also keep your utility bills low and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Our skilled electricians will verify that your panel still meets your energy usage needs and will check all wiring, connections, and components to ensure safe, efficient operation. If we do find any issues, we'll provide you an upfront quote with flat-rate pricing. With your approval, we can fix most electrical panel problems on the spot.

Your electric panel is the heart of your home’s electric system—keep it in good shape. Call Gillece Services at 412-831-6199 for professional breaker panel box installation or repair.