Pittsburgh Radiant Heating Services

When it's time to add in-floor heating to your Pittsburgh home, contact our team at Gillece Services for an estimate.

If you’re tired of dealing with the dust and inefficiency of an outdated furnace or staring at an ugly radiator, it may be time to switch to underfloor heating.

We’ve served the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years. Our underfloor heating installation specialists have the experience to replace your furnace with the highest-quality underfloor heating or add to your current system seamlessly.

With flat-rate pricing, excellent customer service, and financing options, we can bring radiant heat to any space. Give us a call today to see if radiant heat is right for your home.

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Why Install Underfloor Heat?

Underfloor heating benefits homeowners, business owners, and customers. Heat distributes evenly across the floor so that you don’t need to sit next to a vent or radiator to keep warm, even on the most frigid Pittsburgh winter days. A simple piping system hidden under your flooring keeps the room warm without overheating.

You don’t lose hot air if the windows are open, and drafts in the house won’t cool the floor. Your home’s aesthetic doesn’t suffer because the radiant heating system is hidden, and mites, fleas, or other insects can’t thrive on a warm floor. As a result, indoor air quality increases, your family is healthier, and the air smells good. On top of all that, in-floor heating installation increases the value of your home to boot!

Installing an Underfloor Heating System Is Cost-Effective and Comfortable

We work with the best underfloor heating manufacturers in the industry to give you the value you deserve. We measure each room and determine how the system will fit, and installation begins when you are ready.

Underfloor heating works under stone, wood, carpet, or tiled floors. Using radiant heating in your kitchen keeps cold tile or hardwood floors warm, and radiant heating in your bedroom makes getting out of bed in the morning easier. The same is true in your bathroom, and you might try radiant heating in a garage, basement, or utility room that is not as comfortable as the rest of your house.

On top of all this, you can keep the family warm without blasting your furnace all winter.

Getting rid of your ductwork is a great way to improve indoor air quality. Take the next step with a quality indoor air filtration system.

Call for the Best Underfloor Heating Options in Pittsburgh

At Gillece Services, we pride ourselves on installing the best radiant heating systems in Pittsburgh. Because an underfloor heating system doesn’t waste energy, you can make any room comfortable quickly and affordably.

When you’re ready to give in-floor radiant heat a try, we can send a radiant heat contractor to your home for an inspection or estimate at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you’re considering underfloor heat for your renovation, remodel, or new construction project in Pittsburgh, PA, call our team at Gillece Services at 412-831-6199.