Trenchless Sewer Repair in Pittsburgh

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Homeowners everywhere dread invasive sewer line repair because it often involves digging up trenches in the yard and paying tons of money for repairs. Luckily, at Gillece Services, our team offers trenchless sewer repair services in Pittsburgh. Our plumbers have access to advanced technology that allows us to repair your sewer internally without destroying your yard. When you call on us for trenchless sewer repair, you can count on faster repairs and lower costs. Using video inspection equipment, we are able to locate the problem area in your sewer line and determine the best possible solution.

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Pipe Relining

Also known as cured-in-place piping (CIPP), pipe relining is an excellent method of repairing sewer lines. This process completely eliminates the need to remove a broken sewer pipe by simply inserting a brand-new lining into an existing pipe. This lining attaches itself to the inner walls of the pipe and acts as a new pipeline. Pipe relining is only something we can perform if the pipe’s structure is strong enough to remain in place.

The process for pipe relining is as follows:

  • Send a small remote-controlled camera down into the pipe to locate the problem area. Once we locate the exact cause of the problem, we determine if pipe relining is possible.
  • Then, we clear away tree roots and any other debris in the pipe using cleaning methods such as rooting or hydro-jetting.
  • To begin our trenchless sewer repair, we dig an access hole. This hole is very small and will not disturb your yard.
  • Next, we use a pump to send a flexible tube liner through the sewer pipe until we reach the area that needs to be repaired. The liner is coated with a special epoxy resin, which hardens and creates an entirely new pipe once the tube is inflated.

Once it is complete, you can say goodbye to your sewer line problems! The lining material we use to repair your sewer is seamless, very durable, and extremely strong.

We also provide conventional sewer line repair services. Call us to see which method is right for your situation!

Benefits of Pipe Relining

Traditional sewer repair can take tons of time as workers spend days digging up your yard attempting to locate the problem with your underground pipes. Luckily, pipe relining makes sewer repair easy. This trenchless sewer repair method doesn’t involve digging up massive pits in the yard. That means you can save time and money since you won’t need to pay to have your yard re-landscaped. Also, the lining used in this method lasts just as long as brand-new sewer pipes and it can be used on pipes of all diameters.

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