Gillece Flag

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Status: Raised

The American flag flying high above our office right off of Interstate 79 has become a landmark on its own since its original debut years ago. Motorists and members of the Bridgeville community keep an eye out for the flag each time they pass by and are continually interested in the flag’s status. As we continue to fly the flag every day as a symbol of our patriotism and ongoing loyalty, and as a famous trademark in the Pittsburgh area, we’ll keep you updated on the flag’s daily status and provide the opportunity for you to request a status of your own.

Request Flag Status

Request a personal flag status to honor a local fallen soldier or veteran. We will take your requests and create a blog for the story behind the flag status to let the community know where our flag flies and why. Contact us today.


Measuring 30 by 60 feet and raised on a 130-foot pole, the American flag at Gillece has been a part of Bridgeville since it was originally installed at the Burgunder Dodge dealership in 2003. Greg Burgunder, then owner, said the idea for the flag came as a way to show patriotism post-9/11. Ever since, the flag has seemed to take on a life of its own, especially due to its massive size, being one of the largest in the Pittsburgh area.

In 2010, Gillece Services moved into the former dealership, and owner Tom Gillece decided to keep the flag as was. That meant taking over the upkeep for the flag, which includes expense, time, care, and hands-on work to replace the flag every few months and to keep the flag illuminated at night. The Gillece family and staff and the Bridgeville community agree that it’s all worth it to see the glorious flag flying over a hundred feet in the air every day just outside of Pittsburgh.

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