Pittsburgh Air Conditioning

A cool home is a comfortable home!

At Gillece Services, we believe every home needs a functioning air conditioner. Our highly trained service professionals care deeply about your comfort and safety and work tirelessly to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable all summer long. From minor repairs to major system overhauls, you can count on our Pittsburgh AC professionals to provide second-to-none service and lasting results, every time. Having served residents for the last 40 years, we know exactly how to make sure a home is evenly cooled and protected against those hot, humid Pittsburgh summer days.

Our air conditioning services in Pittsburgh include:

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Our AC Services

When it comes to taking care of your air conditioner, turn to Gillece Services. Our air conditioning experts have the tools, training, and technology to perform exceptional maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services.

We take great pride in a job well done and always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Your happiness is incredibly important to us, which is why we do everything we can to make sure our services are the best around.

How Do You Know If You Need to Repair or Replace Your System?

It is often difficult to determine whether your system needs to be repaired or replaced. Usually, the decision comes down to a few factors: the age of your system, the efficiency, and the frequency of repairs. If your system is relatively new, and generally works well for your home, it probably just needs to be repaired. However, if your system is more than 10 years old, doesn’t meet your cooling needs, and breaks down often, you may benefit greatly from an upgrade.

To know for sure what the best course of action is, reach out to Gillece Services. Our service professionals can work with you to discuss your needs and determine the best course of action moving forward.

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Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

As one of your biggest investments, your air conditioning system needs to be properly maintained. At Gillece Services, we recommend scheduling routine maintenance every spring to make sure that your system gets you through the summer. Whether your system is brand new or you’ve had it for years, it should be inspected, cleaned, and tuned up at least once a year.

The benefits of scheduling regular AC tune-ups include:

  • Better indoor air quality: After wiping away dirt and debris from your cooling units, your indoor air will be fresher and cleaner.
  • Greater energy efficiency: Once coils, fans, and other crucial components of your system are cleaned, they run easier and use up less energy to cool your home.
  • Enhanced indoor comfort: A well-maintained system functions perfectly, meaning your home is evenly cooled and comfortable at all times.
  • Fewer repairs and breakdowns: Having your system regularly inspected and cleaned ensures that your system is in the best condition possible, prevents problems from occurring, and significantly reduces the chance of breakdowns.
  • Extends the system lifespan: Maintenance allows your system to maintain top performance for up to twice as long as unmaintained systems.

Schedule a tune-up with one of our Pittsburgh AC professionals to make sure your system is in the best hands. Call 412-831-6199 today!