Pittsburgh Sump Pump Services

If you want to save thousands on flooding repairs with reliable sump pump services—call Gillece Services!

Basement flooding is a nightmare, and it becomes a common occurrence in areas like Pittsburgh, PA, where it rains all year round. Fortunately, this issue is easily solvable with a sump pump. This device can move water away from your basement before it accumulates and causes damage.

With over four decades of experience, Gillece Services provides quality sump pump repairs and installations to protect your home from moisture. We offer superior service, results, and rates. Whether you require a routine checkup or a sump pump replacement, our team will go above and beyond your expectations!

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Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

While the benefits of sump pumps are clear, some properties might need one more than others. We recommend sump pump installation if your home meets the following criteria:

  • You live on flood-prone land: Homes situated in low-lying properties or poorly-draining soil, as well as those surrounded by hills, creeks, or streams, can benefit from a sump pump's protection.
  • Your area experiences heavy rain or snow: Unlike states in the western US with hot desert climates, homes in the eastern region are more susceptible to flooding.
  • You have previously dealt with water problems: Does your basement have dangerously high moisture levels—or worse—has it flooded before? If so, it might be in your best interest to have a sump pump installed.

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Quality Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

If your basement floods or experiences excess moisture even with a sump pump, it might be time to have it repaired. Other signs of a damaged device include strange noises, excessive vibrations, irregular cycling, and visible rusting.

Most sump pump models last between five to ten years. Any pump older than that might be more prone to damage and deterioration. Depending on your case, installing a new sump pump might be the most cost-effective option over cheaper but frequent repairs.

At Gillece Services, we seek to satisfy the sump pump needs of every resident in Pittsburgh, PA, all while meeting their budget. Call us today at 412-831-6199 and keep your home safe from water damage!