LED Lighting Installation and Retrofit in Pittsburgh

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At Gillece Services, we’re dedicated to providing home and business owners here in Pittsburgh, PA, with high-quality services at affordable prices that fit any budget. We also try to do our part to help protect the environment with eco-friendly options. LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy usage and save some money in the process.

With over four decades of experience, we can help make your home or business safer and more energy-efficient. With flat-rate pricing, convenient financing, and regular specials, we make switching to LED lighting easier than ever.

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Why Use LED Lighting?

While indoor lights have traditionally tended towards linear fluorescent lights because of their high output and efficiency, linear LEDs are even more efficient. LED lighting fixtures use less than 10 watts to produce the same amount of light that incandescent power produces with 60 watts. Suffice to say, LED lighting is more efficient and, as a result, less expensive.

LEDs also reduce costs by producing less heat than incandescent lighting. Cool white bulbs reduce energy use and lower the costs of cooling the surrounding environment. This characteristic, along with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, makes using LED lighting ecologically friendly as well.

Traditional lights often require expensive specialized equipment to maintain, especially in locations that are difficult to reach. LED lights have up to 40 times the lifespan of traditional lights. This reduces the cost of replacement parts as well as the labor required for maintenance.

Reliable LED Installation in Pittsburgh

When you install LED lighting in a new building or home renovation, our electricians can help you create a custom design to fit the goals you have for your new lighting fixture. LEDs produce light in a specific direction, unlike other lighting types, allowing you to focus light to specific locations without expensive devices or reflectors.

Using traditional lighting, you’re constrained by the necessary inclusion of ballasts to start them with a high voltage burst and regulate the power coming from the tube. LEDs use a driver and come in various different sizes, giving you more options in designing your lighting installation.

For better control over the light levels of your LEDs, ask about our dimmer switches.

Make the Switch with an LED Retrofit

LED lighting installation has become standard in constructing new buildings, but existing properties can also benefit from LED replacement. Replacing older lighting and switch technology lets you save money on your electric bill and gives your property a fresh, modern look.

Our electricians can replace old high bay lighting fixtures or ballasts with more energy-efficient fixtures for LED lighting. These new fixtures make use of existing wiring and light installations to easily install LEDs in place of old lighting, such as high-pressure sodium lights. You can also explore new lighting controls and switches, including dimmer switches or motion sensors.

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