Pittsburgh Air Duct Services

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If your ducts are old, dirty, damaged, or aren’t working properly, it can affect your comfort, health, and energy bill.

While many homeowners assume that poor AC performance has to do with electrical or mechanical issues, it could be something as simple as a cracked duct. Our experts can resolve any air duct problem. We provide premium air duct services at flat-rate prices. From complete air duct repair to installation, count on us to get the job done.

If you’re having indoor air quality problems, your filters may also be to blame—we offer HVAC filter replacement as well.

Optimize Your System’s Operation with Ductwork Repair and Replacement

Your air duct system is a vital part of your HVAC system. It moves the air throughout your home. Inefficient or damaged ducts will force your HVAC system to work harder to achieve the same results. Improper duct sealing alone can cause up to 30% heat or cool air loss—that means a 30% increase in your heating or cooling costs!

Worse, duct damage allows more contaminants to enter, such as rodents and other pests, that can make their way into your home. Ensuring your ductwork is clean and in good condition is one of the easiest steps you can take to maximize your HVAC system's performance.

When duct and filter replacements aren't enough, you can count on us for quality air filtration system installation.

Pittsburgh’s Best Duct Repair Service

At Gillece Services, we proudly offer ductwork services everywhere in the Pittsburgh area and have done so for over 40 years.

We rely on the industry’s best equipment and techniques to ensure your ducts are contaminant-free and in perfect condition. You can count on our team to ensure that your heating and cooling system works at peak performance.

We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and going above and beyond to meet all your home service needs. Let Gillece Services be your #1 choice for home services in Pittsburgh!

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