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Best Ways to Cool off During a Summer in Pittsburgh

Summer in Pittsburgh is often the best time of year for residents and visitors, with plenty of places to go and great sights to see, but it can get pretty hot- not to mention humid. Fortunately, finding fun things to do that will also keep you cool isn’t hard in one of America’s Most Livable Cities. Taking advantage of water throughout the city is one surefire way to beat the heat- including the three rivers that come together to make Pittsburgh home.

Best Ways to Cool off During a Summer in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Fun Facts and More Summer Hotspots:

Mount Washington
Nothing quite compares to the view from Mount Washington, once voted the second most beautiful place in America. The Duquesne and Monongahela Inclines that can transport you to this view are also two of the few remaining, and oldest, operating inclines in the country.

PNC Park
Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, PNC Park was named the “Best Ballpark in the U.S.” by TripAdvisor. Going to a game is another great way to spend a summer day or night in Pittsburgh, with a spectacular view of the city beyond the field.

Movie Theaters
Many people don’t know that one of the first motion picture theaters opened in Pittsburgh in 1905, called the Nickelodeon. By the 1930s, movie theaters had grown in popularity and were one of the first public places to have air conditioning, making them very popular in the summer. That’s where the term “summer blockbuster” originated.

Air Conditioning
When the weather really heats up in Pittsburgh and humidity makes it feel even hotter, you might prefer to stay at home where central air can cool you down. In order for your air conditioner to provide the best performance and efficiency possible, regular AC maintenance is the only way to go. Gillece Cooling offers a seasonal Safety Startup Check, around-the-clock maintenance and repair services, and anything else you need for safe, reliable air conditioning all summer-in-Pittsburgh long. Stay cool!