Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Services in Pittsburgh

Keep your family or employees safe with reliable fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Call us to schedule an installation today.

We care about our customers and are dedicated to keeping local homes and businesses safe. That’s why our electricians at Gillece Services provide the best carbon monoxide and smoke detector services in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our electricians can ensure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are placed to detect dangers to your home or business effectively. We can also hardwire these devices into your electrical panel so that a detector going off in one room will cause your other detectors to alert you as well.

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Stay Safe with Smoke Detector Installation

Every building should have a smoke detector to sense smoke in the air and warn of possible fires. There are two types of smoke detectors:

  • Ionization smoke detectors are better at detecting active flames.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors alert you to slowly growing flames from smoldering fires.
  • Combination detectors are the ideal solution to detect both fast-growing fires and slow smoldering fires. Smoke detectors are also capable of detecting fires from power surges or faulty wiring.

In addition to a loud audible alarm and flashing LED light, our smoke detectors can be programmed to send alerts to the local fire department for emergency services.

The Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath, or even respiratory arrest and death. This gas is invisible, odorless, and can seep out of various gas appliances.

Carbon monoxide detectors are virtually the only way to alert you or other building occupants to the accumulation of this gas, allowing them to move to safety and wait for emergency technicians.

Electrochemical sensing allows the detection of even low levels of carbon monoxide.

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Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are easy to maintain. The batteries must be replaced once a year, and you should test the device at least once a month. Press and hold down the button until you hear three consecutive beeps to ensure that your detector is working properly.

You should also clean these devices regularly. The buildup of dust and debris prevents your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from performing properly, so you need to dust them with a dry cloth. Avoid using water or other cleaners.

If your units are older than ten years old or consistently fail tests, you may have to consider getting a smoke detector replacement or carbon monoxide detector replacement. Our electricians can help you install a new device without worrying about wiring.

Properly installed detectors save lives. Make sure your home or business in Pittsburgh, PA, is protected by contacting our team at Gillece Services for smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation. Call 412-831-6199 today.