Pittsburgh Whole-House Surge Protection Installation

Power surges are unpredictable—be ready for them. Call and ask how our Service Partner Program can make surge protection maintenance easier than ever!

Our team at Gillece Services has provided quality home services in Pittsburgh, PA, for over 40 years. We know how dangerous storms are for your electrical systems. Without proper preparation, one lightning strike has the potential to ruin appliances that are vital in your day-to-day life.

To protect your home from electrical surges, our electricians can install whole-house surge protection to safeguard all your devices. We offer flat-rate pricing, convenient financing options, and the best customer service in Pennsylvania.

While installing surge protection through your main electrical panel, take advantage of our other electrical panel services.

Power Surges and Their Effects

A power surge results in excess voltage that can damage electronics. They can be caused by lightning strikes or electrical overloads from electricity providers, making them unpredictable. These surges can travel through electrical wiring, telephone lines, and cable lines.

Excess voltage can destroy entire sections of wiring, especially if your home has older wiring. Surges can also destroy circuit boards and other electrical components with arcs of electric current and large amounts of heat. Even people can be hurt by surges that cause painful shocks or electrical fires.

How Surge Protection Helps

Using one surge protector for your home computer is the bare minimum. Any device plugged into a power source is at risk, and even appliances using single outlet plug-in surge protectors are not safe.

Our highly qualified electricians can provide whole-home surge protector installation to protect appliances, gaming systems, smart devices, and more.

By installing surge protection through your main electrical panel, we can protect all your appliances at once. Surge protection at the main panel prevents damage through your wiring, cable line, and phone line, effectively protecting any of your devices plugged into a power source during the surge.

Protection for large appliances like refrigerators can prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to home equipment. Lightning arrestors give your home electrical system extra protection against storms.

Too late to prevent the damage? Contact us for electrical wiring services to fix your damaged wiring.

Signs You Need Surge Protector Replacement or Repair

Older surge protection can fail, causing damage to your electrical system. Consider installing new protection if you notice any of the following:

  • Frequently flipping breakers
  • Buzzing sounds near outlets
  • Non-functional outlets

These issues suggest that your surge protection has failed, and there is damage to your electrical components. You can prevent further damage by calling us to assess your system and determine if you need installation, repair, or replacement.

Be prepared for power surges here in Pittsburgh! Call our experienced electricians at 412-831-6199 today for whole-house surge protection installation. Gillece Services is the home services company you can rely on!