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A Safe Christmas is a Happy Christmas

safe christmas Christmas also referred to as the most wonderful time of the year. With all of the lights and endless Christmas Trees, it’s hard not to get swept away by the ambiance of it all – especially when it comes to decorating your own home. Before you get right down to it, make sure you know how and what to do to keep you and your family safe this Christmas season.

Christmas Tree
When picking out a real tree, pick out a tree that is not dry, the tree should be as fresh as possible. Now there is no need to go to Clark Griswold and drag the family into the woods to chop down a tree. To ensure the tree is fresh, pick one where the needles do not easily fall off the tree. Once you get it home cut 1 to 2 inches off the bottom of the base of the trunk before placing it in water. Make sure the base is always filled with water to avoid it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. When selecting an artificial tree, look for the label that indicates it is fire resistant. When selecting the location for your tree in your home, ensure that it is at least 3 feet away from all heating sources.

Electrical tips
Check all extension cords and power strips before using them. If they appear to be cracked or frayed in any way replace them. When it comes to extension cords, make sure they are long enough and keep them away from high-traffic areas in your home. Be sure to unplug all decorations and lights both inside and outside while you are sleeping and not at home. This will prevent electrical fire and keep your electric bill low.

Before using Christmas lights, inspect the cords and lights for any damages. Upgrade or use as many LED lights as possible, not only are they more energy-efficient, they operate at a much cooler temperature as well. When stringing lights throughout your home, it’s easy to overload outlets, before you get going, count the outlets in your home and then decorate accordingly.

Outdoor decorations
Many people tend to overlook the obvious when decorating outside their home such as inspecting the ladder before using it, you don’t want to be 10 feet up in the air only to find out there is a rung loose. When it comes to the actual decorations, only use lights and extension cords that are made specifically for outdoor purposes. All outdoor extension cords should be protected from snow and water.