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Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

Real vs artificial christmas trees Planning for the holidays is so much fun – the lights, gifts and Christmas music in the air really put you in the Christmas spirit. Whether this is your first Christmas on your own, first with a new baby, or you’re a Christmas decorating veteran, choosing between an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree can be quite a pickle. Although everyone loves the fullness and fresh pine scent of a real Christmas tree, there are several reasons why choosing an artificial tree is not only more cost-effective and more convenient, but safer as well.


Having a real tree in your home is a severe and serious fire hazard. It is extremely important to keep the tree properly watered at all times. This makes going away for the weekend difficult, you don’t want a dry tree sitting in your home all weekend, should your electricity cause a spark your tree would go up in flames like a light, taking your home and all your belongings with it. With an artificial tree, there is no need to ensure it has plenty of water and you can leave home as long as you want without having a care in the world.


A beautiful, full big blue spruce can set you back over $100 dollars. You can get a large pre-lit artificial tree for $150 that will last you the next 5 years! You can’t buy a real tree until 2 weeks before Christmas while you can enjoy an artificial tree as long as you want without worrying about it going dry. When you’re ready to take it down, you simply stow it away for next year, instead of literally throwing away your money in the trash.


Convenience these days is worth a pretty penny. With as hectic as life can be, who has time to actually go to a tree lot, pick out a tree and bring it home. But then you have to string the lights and constantly sweep the floor of pine needles. An artificial tree can be set up in no time and there is no need to sweep the floor daily to keep pine needles out of your socks.