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Why Every Home Should Have a Backup Residential Generator

Have a Backup Residential Generator

We’ve had quite a rainy year here in Pittsburgh. multiple areas of our city have not only experienced heavy rain and flash flooding but power outages as well throughout the summer. Although you can’t control the rain or flooding from happening, you can control your power from both flickering and going off for several hours by installing a backup generator.

You would think that the best time for the power to go out would be during the summer. If your home is heated by electricity, there’s no need to worry about freezing through the night or bumping into things in your home because it’s already dark after 6 p.m.

Having a power outage in the middle of July is just as inconvenient and detrimental for your home as it is any other month of the year. In most cases, a power outage typically happens during a storm for various reasons; a lightning bolt strikes an electric pole or a tree branch falls on an electric wire – cutting all the power sources to your home. If this happens when it’s raining heavily in your home and you have an electric sump pump, this can be a major problem. Water is filling up the hole in your basement and the pump is unable to pump the water out. This will flood your home and cause serious damage to your foundation and home..

Although you won’t sweat to death, you will be extremely uncomfortable not having access to your air conditioning unit for a few extended hours in the middle of the hot and humid summer. Not having cool air flowing through your home will ruin the dinner you’ve planned to make cooking over a hot stove or baking in the oven.

A residential backup generator will prevent any and all of these inconveniences from happening to you, your family, and your home. Although purchasing and installing a residential backup generator can be a bit costly, it will keep your sump pump working so your home won’t flood saving you money in the long run, it’ll also keep your air conditioning unit working and give power to the electric stove.

During a power outage, there are dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges that can occur that have the potential of damaging any electronics that are plugged into your air conditioning and heating unit, and major appliances. These household necessities can be expensive to replace, but with a residential backup generator, all of these appliances and accessories will be protected.

So, never worry again and make power outages a thing of the past by having a backup generator installed today.