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What Not to Fix Yourself – HVAC DIY Do’s and Dont's

Performing at home maintenance or fixing your HVAC equipment on your own can be a very dangerous DIY project. Many HVAC technicians recommend that you do not attempt to fix your heating or air conditioning unit yourself. There are many harmful chemicals and gases in these units and if handled wrong can result in injury, create a bigger problem and could void a warranty.

Do’sThere might not be much you can do when it comes to fixing your HVAC units, but feel free to perform the following when needed:

  • Regularly changing the filter and keeping the exterior of your heating system and air conditioning unit clean is important to keep it functioning properly.
  • When the batteries go dead in the thermostat, there’s no need to call in a professional, feel free to switch out the batteries yourself.

Don’tsHVAC units are complicated systems that require years of knowledge and experience. It can be damaging and even dangerous if you try to fix your HVAC system and you don’t have the proper training. Call a professional if you experience any of the following:

AC Problems

  • Unit runs constantly
  • AC hums but the fan doesn’t run
  • Fan runs but the fan inside doesn’t work
  • AC system fan runs but the compressor does not
  • Leaks water inside your house
  • Temperature varies from room to room
  • Thermostat won’t hold the temperature it’s set to
  • Circuit breaker trips when AC is on

Heating Problems

  • Thermostat is not working
  • Unit runs constantly
  • Lines have ice frozen on them
  • Heater is blowing cold air or not blowing anything at all
  • Makes strange noises
  • Boiler related problems
  • All heat pump related problems
  • Burning smell or gas when heat is turned on
  • Pilot light won’t light

Although you might want to save yourself a few bucks, you should really leave HVAC maintenance and repairs to the professionals.