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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Leak Water

What causes air conditioner to leak water During the summer, we rely heavily on our air conditioning unit to keep us cool from the humid and hot weather. Not only do we depend on it to keep us cool, it is a pricey investment. However, there are some major problems that can arise from this complicated unit, such as leaking water which can result in damaging your air conditioning unit and your home.

What causes your air conditioner to leak water? There are several causes that could potentially be the root of this pesky problem.

Dirty Air FilterWhen the air filter becomes dirty, it has the potential to obstruct the airflow to the evaporator coil. When the evaporator coil does not receive the proper airflow, the temperature of it becomes very cold and freezes. The leaking water from your air conditioning unit occurs when the evaporator coil melts, the excess amount of water is too much for the pan. To avoid this from happening, your air filter should be changed once a month during the summer.

Clogged Condensate LineOver time, algae builds up in your air conditioner and eventually can cause a clog in your condensate line. A clogged condensate line backs up and can even cause water to go all over the floor in your home! To avoid any damages from happening to your AC unit or the valuables in your home, learn how to clean your central air conditioner condensate line. To clear your air conditioning condensate line, view our blog for an easy step by step on how to clean your condensate line.

Damaged Drain PanAir conditioning units create a decent amount of condensation. All of this water needs a place to go, the drain pan collects the water and prevents it from damaging your home. Drain pans can become damaged or rust away – especially if your unit is 12 year or older. A damaged drain pan can cause your air conditioning unit to leak water, if this is the case you can simply replace your drain pan.