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Washington Wild Things Game!

Gilley will be at the Washington Wild Things game this Friday, August 10th, 2012!

Gilley in Washington wild things game Gilley says, “Meet me at the Washington Wild Things game for a night of baseball, music, and firework fun!”

It’s that time again! Gilley’s heading back to CONSOL Energy Park in Washington County to greet Wild Things’ fans and fellow Gillece customers at the Washington Wild Things Friday night game. You can meet Gilley, grab a free Gillece water bottle, listen to music, watch the baseball game, and enjoy a fireworks show! It’s a full night of summer fun that Gilley can’t wait to be a part of again.

Gilley’s gearing up for island fun and fireworks since this Friday’s game is “Jimmy Buffett” themed as well as a fireworks night! They’ll be playing Buffet’s classics, other related music, and showing island-themed features on the Jumbotron! You can see Gilley and the Wild Thing (the Washington Wild Things branded bear mascot) on the big screen, too.

Gillece Services became an official 2012 sponsor of the Washington Wild Things, who will be playing Friday against the Road Warriors. Gilley has attended their games this summer in support of the team and as a way to meet customers and residents in Washington County, one of the seven counties that Gillece proudly serves in and around the Pittsburgh region. Come meet Gilley and support the Wild Things this Friday, August 10th!

To learn more about the Washington Wild things, visit: http://www.washingtonwildthings.com/