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Want a Splash of Gillece With Your Weather Forecast?

Chances are, you’ve checked the weather forecast recently to see what’s happening with a typically temperamental Pittsburgh winter (warning: it’s cold!) If you’ve looked at WPXI’s 5 day forecast online or on TV, then you’ve probably noticed the Gillece logo under the weather. And by that we mean under the weather forecast graphic- our logo is feeling just fine!

As a new partner with WPXI’s 5 day forecast, any time you see the forecast, you’ll see Gillece. You might also catch a glimpse of Gilley dressed up in some weather-appropriate gear, like a hat, scarf, or raincoat, while he squawks his favorite line, “Call Gillece!” He’ll be there alongside Tom Gillece, owner and “Man on the Van,” in commercial spots for featured services and specials. Some of these include: $99 drain cleaning$39 heating diagnosis$99 outlets and switches, and a free waterproofing estimate.

Because many of the services that Gillece offers pair up with the weather, partnering with the 5 day forecast seemed like a good match. For instance, when it’s cold outside, Gillece Heating helps to keep a home’s heat on and families safe and warm. When a lightning storm strikes, or better yet before one does, homeowners can benefit from surge protection or generator installation from Gillece. And when it finally warms up outside and stays warm, air conditioning maintenance and safety inspections will be the name of the game. There are plenty of services available to meet your home’s needs, rain, shine, warm, cold- you name it.  Check out WPXI’s 5 day forecast to see Gillece and featured specials, and if you want to know more, you can always visit gillece.com or give us a call. We’ll help you get through each of the four seasons in Pittsburgh with a little dose of Gilley along the way!