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Veteran Training Programs for Careers in the Trades

Gillece veterans training program For veterans returning home and looking for a career with a promising outlook, there are a number of opportunities available in the trades. Through specially designed programs, veterans can apply to receive assistance under the GI Bill, attend school, and receive paid training, all leading to a job offer. Gillece is part of two such programs that can help veterans establish a career in plumbing.

The Gillece Veterans Training Program
The Gillece Veterans Training Program was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Military Division, and partners with the Associated Master Plumbers of Allegheny County (AMPAC). Veterans can apply for assistance under the GI Bill to potentially help them with the cost of their education and living expenses. Students attend plumbing school while doing a paid apprenticeship with Gillece at our state-of-the-art training facility. The program requires 8,000 hours of training, which typically takes four years to complete. Apprentices’ earnings throughout training are based on the number of training hours completed.

Troops to Trade
Through a partnership with the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, which established the Troops to Trades program, veterans can receive monetary training grants and paid apprenticeships with Gillece. Our 7,600 square foot training facility also serves as the regional training center for Troops to Trades in western PA. Gillece has committed to offering paid apprenticeships and jobs to veterans who complete this training program.For more information on our veterans programs and to learn how you can apply, visit our contact us page.