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Upgrade Your Bathroom for Better Resale Value

Upgrade bathroom for resale value Making updates to your home can greatly increase the amount you get back on the sale. There is no need to make many updates to every room in your home. The most common room in your home where you should be spending time and energy is in the bathroom. Bathrooms are expensive to upgrade and remodel, this is why potential buyers will love an updated and fresh bathroom. When preparing to sell your home, opt for adding some easy upgrades to your bathroom that will make buyers take a second look.

Repaint – A fresh paint job will make your bathroom look fresh and new. Be sure to stick with neutral colors such as white or tan, this will entice buyers as they can easily envision how they would make the bathroom their own someday.

Replacements – Worn or leaking taps and toilet seats must be replaced. Old and rusty faucets should also be replaced and updated to make your bathroom appear more modern. Installing new lighting fixtures will accent and compliment your upgrades.

Accent updates – Cabinet hardware should be replaced with shiny new and tasteful hardware. Even knobs on the vanity and any cupboards need be updated. Don’t forget about the towel bar, relocate them to appropriate locations or add more towel bars if necessary.

Flooring – If you have carpet or severely outdated tile from the 70s, definitely consider putting the money into retiling your floor. White tile creates a clean atmosphere and will make even the smallest bathroom appear more spacious.

Putting money and hard work into your home before you sell might seem like a waste to you, but the return you could get back will even out or come out to even more than you expected.