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Unwanted Water in Your Home?

Gilley says, “Unwanted water in your home? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Gillece has the Waterproofing Solutions for you!”

Ever noticed water has found its way inside your home, possibly after heavy rainfall? Or maybe you know someone who has experienced the devastating results of water damage. For present and future prevention, think of our waterproofing solutions! Gillece Services can keep unwanted water out of your home for good with indoor and outdoor waterproofing solutions, which are designed for your home’s specific waterproofing needs. Gilley knows that unwanted water can lead to serious consequences, from bugs to mold and mildew, ruined furniture and rotted wood, potential damage to your valuable, irreplaceable items, and possible damage to your home’s foundation! Think ahead with Gillece Services’ waterproofing solutions to remove water from your home and to keep it from seeping inside.

Gillece Services’ waterproofing Systems are for indoor or outdoor use, depending on your specific water problem or prevention needs. We even include an air filtration system with your indoor waterproofing system! So not only can you have a clean, dry basement, you can also have clean, purified air that is safer for you and your family to breathe! Gillece Services and Gilley care about the condition of your home and your health.

Gillece Services’ waterproofing specialists can come to your home to conduct a free waterproofing estimate. They inspect your outside grounds and basement for sources of water and determine which system is best for you. Gilley says that a soggy basement makes for a sad, possibly unsafe home! Unwanted water should be kept out to maintain the condition of your home, the health of your family, and the comfort of both. Gillece Waterproofing Solutions keep your home working for you!