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Turn Your Dorm Room From Drab to Fab – Dorm Room Decorating Tips

Dropping your child off at college for the first time is a very emotional event. The cold white cinder block walls don’t help the situation much either. Instead of looking at these intimidating white walls as a prison cell for your baby, look at it like a canvas. Yes, the university has many rules and stipulations on what you cannot hang on the wall – but there are some great tools you can use that will allow you to create a dream dorm room for your new college student and make you not feel so bad about leaving.

TapestryHanging a tapestry up in the dorm room will cover a very large portion of the plain wall. Not only can you pick out a fun print or image, but adding textures to the wall create a warm and cozy feel. To hang the tapestry up in a way that won’t hurt your walls, use Command hook clothes pins or thread a curtain rod through the tapestry and hang it on Command hooks.

Christmas LightsPutting Christmas lights up around the dorm room is a simple and cheap way to make it feel like home. Plain white lights works best for all seasons although feel free to hang different colored lights to go with your décor. Use Command hooks or masking tape to hang the lights around the room neither one will leave any marks or damage on the walls.

Removable decalsIf you’re looking for an easy and simple way to add art to your walls, removable decals are the way to go. All they are is sticky adhesives that you can stick on virtually any surface and they can be easily removed – no matter how long they’ve been on the walls.