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Turn Plumbing PVC Pipe Into Amazing DIY Projects!

PVC pipe into DIY organizing holsters Piping materials tend to be on the cheap side which makes them great for DIY projects. Get inspired with these creative DIY projects made from plumbing materials!

Curbly.comOrganizing holstersCurling irons and straighteners create a messy and hazardous atmosphere in the bathroom. All that clutter on your counter or vanity makes it a pain for actually using the sink and cleaning it. You can clear this clutter by using hook-and-loop tape and PVC pipe on the inside of the vanity door to hold your hair products. Tape 5 inch lengths by 2 inch diameter PVC pipe and this will get your curling irons and straighteners out of the way.

PVC pipe into DIY sprinkler project

DIY sprinklersDon’t want to invest in a sprinkler system or buy an overpriced lawn toy for your kids? Go to your local hardware store and purchase two long pieces of PVC pipe and four “L” shape fittings. Cut the two long pieces of PVC in half. Using a drill, poke several holes all throughout the PVC pipe, you’ll also want to cut a large enough hole to fit the hose nozzle into. Next, arrange the PVC pipe into a square using the PVC fittings. Attach the hose to the PVC pipe and turn on the water and you have your very own cost effective sprinkler system that doubles as a fun water toy for your kids!


PVC pipe into DIY shelves project ShelvesMake your own shelves by using wood and galvanized pipe fittings. For two shelves, all you need is two pieces of wood and four of the following: ¾” floor flange, ¾” x 6” nipple and ¾” cap. Stain the wood and spray paint the pipe fittings to make your shelves more unique and customized to the style of your home. Place the fittings evenly on your wall and simply lay the wood on top of the fittings and you have some industrial styled shelves!