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Trick or’ Treat Safety Tips

Every child looks forward to the one night a year where they get to dress up and collect as much free candy as they possibly can. Parents do everything they can to ensure the safety of their children while trick or treating but there are also safety measures that residents can take to make their home welcoming and safe.

Sharp Objects – Before the big event, check your front yard and pathway up to your front door. Pick up any sticks or rocks you should find. If you have a cement, brick or rock pathway to your front door, inspect it for any large cracks or big chunks missing and use gardening soil to temporarily fill them for the night. Make sure any lawn furniture will not be an obstruction to visitors and any plant pots are not broken and are out of the way. Any lawn or gardening tools should be put away as well.

Pets – As much as you might trust your pet, there is no telling what it might do to visitors dressed in strange costumes. Just as an extra safety precaution, keep your dog, cat, bird and any other animals you might have, safe and securely inside your home.

Well lit – Although you might want your home to be the scariest house on the block, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about the safety of trick or treaters and their parents. Make sure the path to your front door is clearly visible and your front porch light is on. Children are taught not to go to any home where the porch light is not on.

Decorations – If you’re making the outside of your home look like Dracula’s castle, be sure that all decorations are safe. Remember to keep the walkway clear and any stakes in the ground should be painted a neon color to be visible after dark. If you’re using any jack-o-lanterns, it would be a good idea to opt for battery operated jack-o-lanterns to avoid any fire emergencies.

Enjoy passing out candy or toys to adorably dressed trick or treaters. Try not to scare them too bad with your decorations!