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Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs Explained

A broken sewer line is a real problem. It may even be one of the worst situations you, as a homeowner, can face. Of course, there were signs that your sewer line was in trouble -- the low water pressure, the slow drains, and the gurgling sounds -- but you ignored them.

Then came the sewage backups, and you could no longer put this project on the backburner. Now, in addition to a plumbing system out of whack, you’re facing the prospect of excavators tearing up your pristine landscaping -- also a major bummer.

But repairing your sewer line doesn’t necessarily require a big, messy dig. There’s a way to access the pipe’s damaged section, with only minimal disruption to your property. It’s called a trenchless sewer line repair.

How a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Works

Before the advent of no-dig sewer line repairs, plumbing companies would use excavators and shovels to carve long trenches into the ground to replace the pipe. It was messy, expensive, and took days to complete. The process sometimes required rerouting traffic away from the digging site.

A trenchless repair can use several different approaches to take much of the hassle out of the equation.

  • Pipe bursting: In this procedure, contractors access the underground pipe through insertion and retrieval pits at either end. The lead end of the replacement pipe has a heavy, bullet-shaped “bursting head.” Imagine a really long arrow with the bursting head as the tip and the pipe as the shaft. Using hydraulic equipment, contractors pull the new pipe through the old pipe. The old pipe breaks into pieces, and the new pipe takes its place.
  • Cured-in-place pipelining: A machine blows a resin-saturated liner through the damaged pipe. The liner cures in place, rehabilitating the drainage pipe. The liner is a slightly smaller diameter than the pipe, but this will not impact performance.

Turn to the Trenchless Repair Experts

If a trenchless repair sounds like the solution to your problem, turn to the experts at Gillece Services. We’ll examine your property to determine if your project is a candidate for a trenchless repair. Call (412) 831-6199 to schedule your appointment today.