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Transform Your Bathroom This Spring With These Easy Upgrades

Tired of your same old drab bathroom? Spring is the perfect time to make some much-needed updates! From simply changing the accessories to adding some new technology there are ways to remodel your bathroom this spring for every type of budget.

Makeover on a budget: Want to remodel your bathroom but only have a $50 budget? Pick out a new bold shower curtain for your statement piece and get new window curtains, bath towels, and accessories to match your new color scheme. Visit your local thrift store to find some fun new accessories to compliment your easy makeover.

Update your mirror: A quick and easy change is making some updates to your bathroom mirror. You can do this by installing a frame or painting the old one. A fun way to add an eye-catching pop to your bathroom is to install a new uniquely shaped mirror. Consider adding or updating the lighting to your mirror – this will brighten up the room and improve your bathroom routines.

Add some technology: Bring technology into your bathroom and enhance your everyday routines. Install a smart toilet that is self-cleaning and flushes on its own. Improve your shower experience by installing a light-up radio showerhead or even a TV! Now you can sleep in and still catch up on the news – while you’re in the shower! For inspiration take a trip to your local hardware store to get a look at all of the new and trending bathroom gadgets.

Add life: Bringing plants into your bathroom will add a pop of color, create freshness while also improving the air quality in the bathroom. Don’t have a green thumb? Consider putting flowers in a vase on your vanity every now and then or purchasing plastic plants!