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Top Reasons Why You Should Update Your Outlets Today

Don’t Forget Your Outlets!

Update your outlets Whether you’ve just moved into your new home, or you have been settled in for 10 years, it’s good to make regular updates. Keeping up with current home trends isn’t about “keeping up with the Jones’”, it’s about maintaining your home’s appeal, taste and making it more convenient for you. An easy and more affordable way to do this is to start with updating the electrical outlets in your home.

There aren’t frequent changes to outlets so when you update them now, you aren’t risking the chance of a dramatic change in style over the next few years like there is with other home upgrades like lighting or flooring.

If your electrical outlets have cracks or gaps, it’s definitely time for an upgrade and improvement. This is a quick cheap fix. Not only can you pick out a new color or tasteful design that goes with the theme of your home, but you can seal the cracks and prevent cold drafts from entering during cold weather.

The same goes for discolored or charred outlets – they must go. There were some ugly trends with outlets in the 70s and 80s, so jump into 2017 with some updated and more modern electrical outlets. A charred outlet will scream that your home is not well-kept to guests. Take the time to update them with fresh white outlets.

Most outlets tend to be completely outdated. If you have many 2-prong outlets in your home, please update them to 3-prong outlets ASAP. Want to make your home a little more electronically friendly? Upgrade your outlets to USB port outlets and be able to charge all of your devices without a charging converter.