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The Holidays Can Be Hard on Your Home!

Gilley says, “Gobble up this Thanksgiving, but give your garbage disposal a break! The holidays can be hard on your home!”

Thanksgiving is here, and friends and families all around the area will gather together to enjoy a hearty feast full of delicious food. While it’s a great time for loved ones to chow down and spend some quality time together, it can be a hard time on many homes and kitchens, especially. Once all is said and done, after the turkey has been cooked to perfection, the table is set and everyone digs in, and after a few helpings, the dreaded cleanup begins. What this means for many people is sticking all of their scraps into the garbage disposal. And what often happens as a result are clogged drains, broken disposals, and undesirable sewage backup. Luckily, Gillece is open all day, every day of the year, Thanksgiving included.

This year, give your garbage disposal a break with Gilley’s tips. Here are some things that are not recommended to be put down the garbage disposal: fats, oils, grease, fruit and vegetables, rinds, peels, and skins. These account for many of the foods you’ll probably have to get rid of on Thursday, but all you have to do is throw them in the garbage instead. When grease is poured down the drain, it solidifies and can clog your drain and pipes. Fruits and vegetables and their rinds and peels can wrap around garbage disposal blades and clog the drain, as well, or they just aren’t broken down enough. Keeping these types of food remainders out of your drain will help to avoid clogs and breakdown of your disposal. If you do experience a clog, backup, or other home problem, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, basement- wherever- remember, Gillece is always open and someone will be here to take your call!

Gilley also encourages everyone to run water while running their garbage disposal. This helps to rinse food and remaining particles down the drain and keeps the disposal in good condition. If you keep in mind these tips this Thanksgiving, you might have one less stress to worry about. Happy Turkey Day from Gillece!