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The Hidden Dangers of Power Outages

There can be many reasons for power outages, but regardless of the reason, we can’t always prevent our home from being affected. When your home loses electricity, everything appears to seem quiet and peaceful – almost like nothing bad could ever happen.

Most people tend to think that the most dangerous thing that can happen when the power goes out is being out driving and having the traffic lights not work. However, there are some serious dangers that are caused by losing the power in your home.

If you or someone in your family requires electricity for health problems, you could be in some serious danger. Should your home lose power, you need to call for assistance immediately. Should the health of one of your family members depend on electricity, consider installing a residential backup generator to keep your loved one safe and healthy even if the power goes out.

Sometimes the power goes out when we’re away from home so we don’t pay any attention to it when we get home. We simply re-set our electric clocks and move on. If the power was off for several hours, then that means most of the food in your freezer and refrigerator reached an unsafe temperature. You could risk food poison or even E. coli by consuming the bad food in your refrigerator.

When the power does finally come back on, many times it causes a power surge in your home. A power surge has the potential to cause damage or ruin your appliances, air conditioning and heating unit and even your electronics that are plugged in. If you are home when you experience a power outage, take the time to unplug your kitchen appliances, window A/C and all of your electronics.

Do you want to avoid all of this damages that can be caused by an unexpected power surge? Consider calling a licensed and insured electrician to install a residential backup generator.