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Tell Us About Your Experience

Gilley says, “We want to know: how did your service go after you ‘called Gillece!’?”

Whenever you “call Gillece,” the first person you speak to is one of our trusted and friendly Customer Service Specialists. They are the ones who listen to your problem, gather necessary information, and then get your service scheduled, whether it’s emergency, maintenance, or replacement. After that, it’s up to the Technician who comes to your home to complete the requested service and to get your home back in order quickly and efficiently. So, the Customer Service Specialists want to know: how did everything go once they ended their phone call with you and after service was completed?

Gillece Customer Service Specialists will now be calling customers, both old and new alike, to see how their service went. Our customers all across the Pittsburgh region are our top priority! If you received a service from us, specifically a plumbing repair, sewer repair, or A/C repair, we want to know- how did it go?

Your feedback is crucial for us to gauge our current service and to make any necessary improvements for the future. We provide comment cards for immediate feedback, and we also have our testimonials page for you to share your experience and to read others! We want to know how you would rate our service; how helpful we were during the initial call; if you were kept well informed throughout the entire process; if your Gillece Services Technician was polite, respectful, and knowledgeable; etc. As much as you are willing to share, we are ready to listen! It’s just one of the ways we let you know that we care and that we will continue to work towards keeping your home working for you!