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Technician Seal of Safety

Gillece Services’ “Technician Seal of Safety” Status Creates Peace of Mind for Pittsburgh Residents

Did you know that all Gillece Services’ Technicians carry the official “Technician Seal of Safety” Identification Card?  https://www.comfortqualified.com/

This identifying seal is a yellow and blue mark and a symbol of Gillece Services' dedication to protecting the safety and well-being of Pittsburgh customers and their homes, their families, and their loved ones. Each Gillece Services Technician receives the ID card with a mark once they have passed strict drug-testing, intensive background checks, and are actively enrolled in ongoing training and skill-certification programs at Gillece Services. As you can see, our Gillece Services Technicians are carefully scrutinized prior to employment. And, they share a commitment to delivering quality service in the most positive manner. Additionally, every Gillece Services Technician commits to and abides by the Gillece Services Code of Ethics.

Many Pittsburgh residents have come to know and continue to trust Gillece Services for plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services. Yet, equally as important, they have come to know and continue to trust Gillece Services Technicians to work in their homes and in close proximity to their families and loved ones for well over 30 years.  Gillece Services’ foundation is built upon trust and Gillece Services has always regarded the trust of its customers, their homes, and their families with nothing but the highest respect. Many of our Gillece Services customers are women at home alone, women at home with small children during the day, elderly homeowners, disabled individuals generally, people who are extra concerned about personal safety and the security of their home and their belongings.

You can rest easy knowing problems are solved by an expert and that your home, your family, and your property are treated with the utmost regard. From shoe covers and drop cloths to clean-up and customer service, our Gillece Services Technicians are safe, caring, competent, courteous and friendly plumbers, heating, cooling techs, and electricians. Customers are guaranteed worry-free service in the heart of their home with every phone call, every service, and every Technician. Each and every Gillece Services Technician has an official Technician Seal of Safety Identification Card. Therefore, each and every Pittsburgh customer continues to be safe and sound with Gillece Services.

We’re “Always There to Take Your Call,” so…Call Gillece Services!