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Summer Weather Is on Its Way. Will You Rely on Central Air to Keep Cool?

Gilley says, “Summer weather is on its way. Will you rely on central air to keep cool?”

Take a minute to think about how long it’s been since your air conditioner was on and running consistently. Chances are it’s been about seven months, at least, so you can’t expect it to be ready to go in an instant without some attention. If you haven’t yet checked up on your air conditioner, there are still three more weeks until Memorial Day, which for many of us marks the start of summer. While spring weather has been treating us well, soon we will be in for higher temperatures and most likely higher humidity, too. If you rely on central air to keep you comfortable during hot weather, then now is a good time to make sure your unit will work its magic when the summer sun starts to turn your house into an oven.

Not sure what you need to do so your AC won’t quit in the middle of July? Here are some preventative maintenance tips to keep your cool:

Because your condenser unit is exposed to winter weather outdoors, it needs some attention- most importantly, cleaned. Any debris around or inside needs to be cleared away, and parts like the evaporator and condenser coils and fan blades need to be cleaned to get rid of dirt and buildup. If not, airflow can become obstructed leading to cooling problems or eventual breakdown.

Just like other parts of your AC, the air filter needs replaced about every two to three months for cooling efficiency and performance. A dirty filter obstructs the airflow, which can lead to problems that could easily be avoided.

Having your AC inspected by an HVAC professional ensures that, if you did keep up with maintenance, your unit is in good condition to turn on for the season. Otherwise, your technician checks multiple areas for any potential concerns that you can address before starting up.

Give your air conditioner the attention it needs this spring and it should return the favor by cooling you down without breaking down- so you can stay comfortable and keep your cool all summer long.