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Summer Safety Tips

Hi guys, it’s me, your favorite parrot, Gilley! The hot summer months are upon us. Hopefully, the weather clears up and we can spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. There are somethings that we should all keep in mind in order to have a fun AND safe summer!

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs!Just because I’m a bird, doesn’t mean I like bugs! The summer can be a hotbed for mosquitos and ticks that can transmit diseases such as the West Nile Virus and Lyme disease (EW!). Make sure that when you are spending a lot of time outside, you use an effective insect repellent. Always check yourself and your children for ticks. Once found, they are easy to remove! Also, check your dogs for ticks! Veterinarians are now even coming out with vaccines to successfully protect your pets.

Safety First!I’m envious of all of you that can ride bikes, but I can fly so who’s the real winner? Anyways, wearing a helmet can save lives or protect from serious injury while riding a bike! Make sure the helmet is fitted properly and is appropriate for the activity you are participating in (bike helmets for bike riding, etc.) I wonder if they make helmets in my size?

Spending the summer swimming is another popular activity. It’s important to have supervision at all times no matter what age or swimming level! Always wear proper protection (floats, life jackets) if needed.

Beat the Heat and the Sun!Heat-related illnesses are unfortunately a common thing to happen when we are spending a lot of time in the sun! They happen when the body’s temperature control system is overloaded. Young children and the elderly are most likely to be affected. But anyone can be affected if they forget to drink water after spending time in the heat or participating in strenuous physical activities in this kind of weather.

It’s important to remember never to leave children or pets in a parked car! Not even if the windows are cracked open. The inside of your car can get up to 20 degrees warmer than the outdoors. Children and pets have been known to die even just being in there for a very short period of time.

When spending time outside, it is also important to always wear sunscreen with at least a SPF of 15. Just a few serious sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer. Cover up when possible and don’t forget to bring your sunglasses along (I wear mine all the time!)

So after your days spent outside, there is nothing better than being welcomed by a cool home. Many people rely on central air conditioning as a method of cooling their homes when temperatures are high. I know firsthand that if anything happened to my air conditioner I wouldn’t hesitate to call Gillece! Their Air Repair Services can remedy any problem related to your central air, including both your indoor and outdoor units. Hopefully you will have a fun, safe and COOL summer, but now you know who to call if you aren’t welcomed by a comfortable, relaxing temperature in your home.