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Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer plumging tips Hot and sunny weather might bring you out of your home this summer, but your plumbing will still have its fair share of use, as well as potential problems. Between rain, cookouts, and summertime activities, certain parts of your plumbing may need more attention this season. Follow these tips to stay out of hot water.

Cookout Cleanup
Frequent cookouts during summer can mean hard times for your garbage disposal if you put certain foods down the drain. Cornhusks, fruit and vegetable peels, and grease, for instance, can damage your disposal blades and clog your sink. Avoid putting any stringy or hard foods in the disposal; throw them away instead. Do the same for fats, oils, and grease, which can solidify in pipes and lead to clogs.

Sewer Disruption
Heavy rainfall and tree roots can disturb your sewer lines, leading to backups. Spring and summer showers may be to blame, as well as tree roots that feed on nutrients within your pipes and cause clogs. If you notice any signs of a backup occurring, call for a plumber right away. You can also take preventative measures by having your sewer line inspected and cleaned before problems occur.

Washing with Care
Your washing machine may get extra use in the summer from more outdoor activities that leave clothes dirty. It’s a good idea to check your washing machine hoses regularly for any cracks or leaks. If hoses are damaged, replace them. Also make sure to tighten any loose fittings.

Functional Plumbing
Take some time to check your plumbing fixtures for leaks or issues, from the toilet to faucet to showerhead. A plumber can conduct a complete inspection to look for common problems and make repairs before you’re left with a broken faucet or a clogged toilet in the middle of a nice summer day.

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