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Stay Cool This Summer

Gilley says, “Stay cool this summer; learn how to maintain your air conditioner for safety and efficiency.”

Warm weather and the summer season call on air conditioning for a cool, comfortable, and safe environment you and your family can count on. After months of inactivity, it’s important for homeowners to maintain their air conditioning system prior to startup and to practice routine maintenance year-round. When it’s time to turn on your air for the season, air conditioning maintenance, including cleaning and inspections, can make cooling down a breeze. Check out Gillece Services’ guide to air conditioning maintenance and see how to properly cover your unit during winter, clean it in spring, change the air filter, schedule an AC safety check, and the benefits of each. The difference between giving your air conditioner the attention it needs or neglecting it can mean having a hothouse on a 90-degree day or staying cool all summer long.