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Spring Time Is the Best Time

Gilley says, “Fly south for winter? What winter? I’m sticking around for spring with Gillece!”

Believe it or not, spring is less than one month away – March 20, 2012 – and with such a mild Pittsburgh winter this year, we’ve barely even noticed that we had one – a winter, that is!  Pretty soon we’ll be springing our clocks forward, putting away our next-to-hardly-used shovels and salt bags, changing our smoke alarm batteries, preparing our flower gardens for what’s to come….. but, sometimes we overlook a few very critical household issues.

Sometimes we overlook that our Central Air Conditioning System has been asleep for at least 3 months.  Not used; not checked – without maintenance. How do we honestly know if it will even turn on when we click the switch?  Does it still match up to the manufacturer’s standards?  Will it live up to its own efficiency and/or is it time to consider something even better?

A great place to start is with Gillece’s $19.95 A/C Maintenance Check.* Just like your vehicle, your Central Air Conditioning System needs to be cared for; needs maintenance; needs kept up with. Get a complete overall A/C inspection, complete A/C safety inspection, freon checked, all controls checked, drains checked, and filter checked for only $19.95 with Gillece Services. An ounce of prevention can actually help save you time and money in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Getting you’re A/C Check-Up before you turn it on can prevent potential major damage in the near future as beginning symptoms can be evident during the maintenance service.

Another key thing to remember is the very pathways through which cooled air travels and is delivered to the rooms in your home.  So, you’ve got the A/C checked and working, but…have you considered your air ducts?  Dirty air ducts affect the quality of your home’s air. Pet hair, pet dander, dust mites’ feces, pollen, decaying organic matter, residue from chemicals and household products, viruses, bacteria, skin flakes, etc. are typically trapped within your home’s air ducts and can trigger and often enhance allergy and asthma problems and symptoms.

The cleanliness of your ductwork system actually improves its operation as airflow is pushing through more effectively, which can assist in reducing utility bills.  You’ll also see a difference in the amount of dust in your home; and, clean air ducts mean no musty odors. Air is more evenly distributed, and rooms are more balanced and comfortable.

So, get ready now to spring forward – Call Gillece Services!

*Restrictions apply! Please call for details.