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Spoil Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day

Gilley says, “Spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget to show your home some love, too!”

gilley on valentines day Gilley knows the way to a female parrot’s heart: chocolate, roses, and a diamond necklace to complement her soft and shiny feathers. While Gilley doesn’t think you need a holiday to show the most important people and things in your life how much you care, he does think Valentine’s Day can be a reminder not to leave anyone- or anything- out. Say, for instance, your home. When was the last time you showed it some love?

Giving your home some good old-fashioned TLC can mean several things, including cleaning, repairing, maintaining, redecorating, and refreshing. Take it from Gilley: He knows that a house can get sick, disheveled, and drab, so sometimes it needs a checkup, scrub-down, or makeover. Your home will appreciate feeling and looking better, and so will you.

Now that spring is coming, you can start to make a spring cleaning plan. It’s time to vacuum every inch of your home to get rid of dust buildup in corners and hard-to-reach places, hopefully allowing you to breathe a little easier. Eventually, it will be time to turn on your air conditioner. The beginning of the spring season is ideal for scheduling an A/C inspection to check the safety and functionality of your cooling equipment before warm weather arrives. You may also want to consider improving your home’s air quality through air cleaners, increased ventilation, and ductwork cleaning from Gillece Indoor Air Quality Services. As allergy season approaches, especially, the last thing you want is to be triggered by allergens in your own home.

No matter how you decide to pay some extra attention to your home this holiday and into the spring season, Gilley says you can bet that showing some love to your home will also mean showing some love to yourself!