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Sources of Basement Leaks

A cool, damp basement with musty smells is a sign of unwanted moisture getting into your house.  Rainfall, leaking pipes or even groundwater can cause leaks in your basement.  Sometimes the water damage is irreversible. Anything from subtle moist concrete to a puddle or more can all be detrimental to your home.  This unwanted water can cause expense and damage to your house by creating mold, damage of personal items, rotted wood or even destruction to your home’s foundation.  The longer you ignore it, the worse the problem could get.  If left untreated, problems could lead to serious structural damage for your home and even dangerous living conditions for you and your family.

Common Sources:

  • Windows– Window wells allow light and air to enter your basement, but can also bring in water during a heavy rain. The window well can fill with water due to a clogged drain or poorly installed window.
  • Gutters– Gutters that are clogged with debris could lead to improper water runoff.
  • Downspouts-If directed the wrong way, your foundation could have potentially serious damage from excess water.
  • Through the Walls– One of the most common leaks, cracks in your wall can deteriorate over time while letting more and more water inside your home.
  • Through the Floor– A sump pump can prevent water from creating pressure against your floor and entering your basement.

Our waterproofing systems will maintain the condition and property value of your home while preventing damage to walls, furniture and other possible belongings.  It controls humidity and moisture related side effects so you can rest comfortably in your basement without worrying about the health effects that mold could have on your family.  Our systems also prevent metal objects and structures from rusting or corroding.  From now on your family can rest in a dry, safe and comfortable environment.

By providing both interior and exterior waterproofing systems using a French drain or a sump pump, you can bet on your basement being dry from now on.  Waterproofing is a way to maintain the condition of your home so water doesn’t cause future damage.  The basement of your dreams can now become a reality!  If you are interested in a free estimate or even more information on our waterproofing options, go to https://www.gillece.com/pittsburgh-waterproofing/ or call Gillece now! (412) 831-6199.