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Six Ways to Keep Mold at Bay in Your Home

Resolve moisture problems in your home When it comes to your home, one of the worst things that can wreak havoc on it is mold, which usually forms in basements and moisture-prone areas as mold spores need water in order to grow. Mold can be harmful to both your home and your health, especially if it goes undetected or unaddressed for a long period of time.

Keeping mold out of your home largely involves controlling moisture. Here are six ways to do so:

1.    Identify and Resolve Moisture Problems
If you notice water in your basement or a damp sensation, there is most likely a water problem. Water can seep through the ground, walls, or foundation, and once it stays, mold begins to grow. It’s best to clean up the water and address the problem right away to keep it from coming back.

2.    Use an Air Conditioner in the Summer
When the weather is hot and humid, central air helps to keep humidity out of your home. The dryer the air, the better to keep mold from forming. Plus, an air conditioner with a properly functioning air filter or designated air cleaner helps to improve indoor air quality as it cools down your home.

3.    Use a Dehumidifier in Moist Locations

If your basement or whole house has a moist atmosphere, you may need a separate dehumidifier to dry out the air on a regular basis. Dehumidifiers control humidity levels to keep you and your home comfortable.

4.    Install a Sump Pump
Many basements subject to flooding or water accumulation need the help of an interior waterproofing system. A sump pump activates when water enters the pit in the lowest part of your basement, helping to prevent flooding. By collecting and removing water, a sump pump also helps to prevent mold from growing.

5.    Repair Leaks
Any leaks in your home, whether from the roof or a faucet, should be repaired right away. Wherever water starts to accumulate, mold is encouraged to grow and will do so quickly. Leaks can waste a lot of water and be the source of a serious problem, as well, so in general they should never be disregarded.

6.    Clean Thoroughly
Cleaning your home thoroughly and more often is another way to keep mold at bay. Vacuuming and using anti-bacterial products helps to eliminate mold spores, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where water is present.

Mold in your home can become a serious issue, so prevention can go a long way. Any water problems should be looked at by a plumber or a waterproofing specialist to ensure your home will remain safe and comfortable for you and your family.