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Gillece Takes Waterproofing to the Next Level- the “Proof” Is in the Results

Are you a first time homeowner? Are you about to remodel? Did you just buy a new home? Are you getting ready to sell your home? Have you been seeing cracks in the basement floor or ceiling? Have you noticed mold, mildew- even bugs? Experiencing troubles with dampness, mustiness, and/or odor? What about problems with your home’s foundation? Is water gathering in your basement? Or, do you simply want to upgrade the value of your home for FREE? Then, take a few quick minutes and sign up for Gillece’s FREE Waterproofing Sweepstakes– up to 40 feet!

When water enters your home, the effects range from minimal inconvenience to irreversible, devastating damages. A small leak can cause damp spots to form on basement walls or floors, and over time, moisture that is not removed or addressed may lead to the formation of mold or mildew, can attract bugs, cause odor, and more. Larger leaks and flooding can lead to damage that may cause overwhelming loss and expense by possibly ruining furniture, irreplaceable items, and the overall condition of your home. Water can even ruin your home’s foundation. Gillece’s Pittsburgh Waterproofing Solutions help to prevent potential damage and loss by keeping your home “all dried out.”

Simply complete the online form at https://www.gillece.com/waterproofing/free-waterproofing/, agree to *restrictions, terms, and conditions– and you’re automatically entered to win!