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Safe Home Heating: The Importance of a Furnace Safety Check

Gillece furnace safety check It’s that time of year again to check up on the condition of your furnace before cold weather arrives for winter.  Each fall, homeowners are advised to have their furnaces inspected to check for certain issues that could cause inefficient or unsafe heating, leading to breakdowns, high energy costs, and potentially dangerous Carbon Monoxide leaks.

What does a Furnace Safety Check involve?
Gillece Services’ Furnace Safety Check includes a visual inspection using a high-definition infrared camera and a comprehensive 18-point inspection. As an industry leading tool, the infrared camera checks for cracks and defects deep within the heat exchanger where gas leaks can occur. The 18-point inspection covers the main components of your furnace, such as the evaporator and condenser coils, electrical connections, and pressure switch, as well as other tests to make sure your system is operating properly. Our Furnace Safety Check also includes a filter check and a CO reading.

What are the benefits of a Furnace Safety Check?
A Furnace Safety Check aims to prevent breakdowns, save money, and keep you and your family safe. Taking care of issues ahead of time helps to increase the efficiency of your furnace, which cuts down on energy costs, and complete repairs before the problem becomes any worse or costlier. This also means preventing breakdowns before they have the chance to occur and keeping your furnace running smoothly all season. A Furnace Safety Check is your best bet for safe heating, as well, through the prevention of dangerous Carbon Monoxide leaks with the infrared camera inspection.

One Check for Continued Peace of Mind
A Furnace Safety Check is the best way to prevent any problems with your furnace from popping up, whether after you turn on the heat for the first time or during the coldest month of the year. Once your furnace is inspected, you can move forward with any necessary maintenance or repairs and have the peace of mind that your home will be heated safely and efficiently this winter.

For more information on furnace safety, visit http://www.peoples-gas.com/furnacesafety.aspx.