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Protect Your Home From Snowmelt and Rainfall

Thanks to a couple of above-60 degree days over a rare January weekend, most of the snow around Pittsburgh has melted. But the cold is back and more snow is just around the corner. After all, Pittsburgh winter is far from over. Nevertheless, now may be the perfect time to consider getting a waterproofing system for your home in case another warm-up strikes, and before spring arrives, rain falls, and snow melts for good. Piles of accumulated snow mixed with rain and warmer temperatures can result in a lot of water that threatens to enter your basement. Like Gilley says, it’s fun to play in piles of snow, but there’s nothing fun about those snow piles turning into inches of water in your basement!

While more snow falls and the cold sticks around, waterproofing is a way to prepare your home for temperature changes and impending spring showers. You never know what will happen with unpredictable Pittsburgh weather, so Gilley says it’s better to be safe than sorry. Gillece waterproofing systems help to protect your home from unwanted water entry and to keep your basement from flooding. This way, your furniture, carpet, and other valuable items are protected from what could be irreversible water damage. An unprotected basement, especially one that’s vulnerable to water entry, could mean the loss of irreplaceable personal items and the expense of replacing damaged property. Don’t let it happen to you!

Protect home from snowmelt and rainfall

Gillece conducts free waterproofing estimates throughout the year in order to see what kind of water situation you’re dealing with and how your home can best be protected. You can learn your options before you go about having a waterproofing system installed for your home. Once you do, you can rest assured that when spring finally does come around, your home will be protected!