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Programmable Thermostat

Gilley says, “Get better control of your home cooling this summer with a programmable thermostat!”


Home vs. Away

Air conditioners will be turned on over the next couple of months as temperatures rise and soar into summer. Starting a new season and switching from heat to air is a good time to think about how you’re managing your home comfort system. For instance, how do you adjust your home’s temperature when you’re home versus when you’re away for several hours at a time? In general, your home won’t need to reach the same level of comfort when you’re not there as it does when you are.

Saving Energy While Staying Comfortable

A programmable thermostat works according to the home vs. away concept to save energy and cut down on cooling costs. You can choose multiple settings for each day and adjust your home’s temperature when you’re at work or asleep, for example. A programmable thermostat follows your pre-set schedule with manual overrides allowed. Comfort is never sacrificed, either, because the thermostat goes back to its regular setting before you return home or wake up. The idea is for each degree the thermostat is adjusted, typically over an 8-hour period, you can save 1% on energy. That could mean 5-15% savings on your cooling bills.

Gillece Cooling Thermostat Installation

Gillece provides and installs programmable thermostats for both heating and cooling control. Installing a programmable thermostat this time of year allows you to start saving when you run your air conditioner for the summer. Gillece’s programmable thermostats are user-friendly with a high-definition color display, and have an optional internet connection, various personalized settings, and all-in-one control for multiple systems. They give you flexibility, precision, and control all while working with your home and lifestyle for the most efficient operation possible. If you’re interested in better management of your AC and furnace, give us a call!