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When Winter Leaves You Parched, Invest in a Whole-Home Humidifier!

Why are Whole Home Humidifiers a Good Idea?

While Pennsylvania is by no means a desert, winter’s frigid temperatures do cause a serious drop in the local humidity as well as keep furnaces and boilers working hard. The dry heat that infuses houses from these wonderful appliances will keep the inhabitants comfortable in terms of temperature but may have ill effects that clients are not always cognizant of. Having a humidifier is about more than just comfort, it is about the health of those in the home. 

Breathing and Dry Winter Air

woman Those who have respiratory issues, such as asthma, allergies, emphysema, and COPD understand that the amount of humidity in the air can really affect one’s ability to breathe. The dry air doesn’t just affect the lungs, but can be a problem for the entire respiratory system resulting in the following problems:
  • Nose Bleeds: Dry nasal passages are more prone to crack, just like any other part of the skin. This makes nose bleeds more likely and more frequent in those who have a tendency to suffer from them.
  • Congestion: When the nose is already full of mucus, dry air makes it much harder to deal with. A crusty nose is very hard to breathe through.
  • Difficulty breathing: Dry air will dry out not only the nasal passages but also the delicate tissue of the lungs. When the proper amount of moisture is absent, then it is harder to breathe in and harder for lungs to absorb the oxygen they need.
  • Sore Throat or Coughing:  Anyone who has spent time outside in a cold wind can understand how dry air can affect the throat even when one is not sick. Dry air inside the home will exacerbate this problem. 

Prevent Dry Skin

men Most adults realize that their skin tends to be drier in winter. This is in great proportion due to a lack of moisture in the air. Here are just a few of the skin problems dry air can cause:

  • Chapped, bleeding lips
  • Dry, cracked knuckles
  • Red, irritated skin
  • Itchiness
  • Ashy, flakey skin

A person may not need to invest in expensive lotions and lip balms; the answer may be a humidifier. Don’t forget that this can be helpful for the family pet’s skin as well. 

Indoor Plant Care 

It is not only the people and animals in the house that can be affected by dry winter air. House plants can also be affected. A lack of moisture in the air can make it harder for plants to produce their own food. This will also limit the amount of oxygen they can provide for the other members of the household. Plants that are in drier air will need more frequent watering and their leaves may shrivel.

The humidity level in a home is not just about convenience or comfort, it is an indoor air quality issue and contributes to the health and wellbeing of everyone in the home. It is advisable for homeowners to contact a local indoor air quality service if they have any questions or concerns about the quality of their home air.

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