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Signs That It's Time to Clean the Evaporator Coil

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Evaporator Coils 

A clean evaporator coil is crucial to air conditioning function. These devices hold the refrigerant before it goes into the compressor. Once the refrigerant goes into the compressor, the system will blow cool air throughout the home. However, like everything else in life, evaporator coils don’t last forever––and they need maintenance to operate properly. 

Homeowners should schedule routine maintenance visits with a professional to keep their system running as expected. In addition to cleaning the evaporator coil, they can replace any damaged parts and employ other preventative measures to keep the system running efficiently. Read on for three signs that it’s time to get the evaporator coil cleaned. 

Loss of Cooling Function Affects the Whole Home 

coolingAs noted, the evaporator coil allows the transfer of refrigerant into the compressor. When the evaporator coil stops working, the unit will also stop working. That’s because the AC unit can’t remove hot air from the home’s climate without a working evaporator coil. 

Here are some signs that dirty coils could be affecting the system’s function: 

  • The house never gets to the desired temperature.
  • There’s an unexplained increase in the home’s energy bill or consumption. 
  • There’s a noticeable increase in the home’s indoor humidity. 
  • The system frequently turns on and off. 

A dirty evaporator coil may have a buildup of dirt, mud, and other debris on the surface. This naturally happens over time, yet, homeowners should still try to minimize the occurrence. After all, doing so is crucial to how the home’s HVAC system works. 

Frost Buildup Can Prevent the AC System from Working 

coilEven when it’s hot outside, evaporator coils can get frost on the surface. That's because they contain refrigerants that allow AC units to blow cold air. Frost accumulates on evaporator coils when the temperatures inside the coil dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A small amount of ice on the evaporator coil is typically nothing to worry about but is a sign the coil needs to be cleaned. It can cause a snowball effect that can eventually cause the system to stop working. Homeowners can try to remove the frost on the evaporator coils by spraying the coil’s exterior with warm water, then wiping it off. If the problem keeps happening, one should consult a trained professional. They can also explain more about frozen evaporator coils and how to avoid them. 

The Air Conditioning Has Longer Cycles 

The air conditioner shouldn’t run all day. It should get the home to the desired temperature, then shut off, only turning back on when the home gets too warm. However, the AC system will not turn off if one’s house never gets to the right temperature. This is a sign that the evaporator coil needs to be cleaned and can cause higher-than-normal energy bills and various problems, such as leaks. 

If homeowners don’t routinely get their evaporator coils cleaned, their heating and cooling systems might experience more frequent repairs or not last as long as they should. That makes it important to have a professional routinely clean the evaporator coil. 

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