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Resolve to Be Better With Electricity in 2022

3 Tips to Better A Home’s Electrical Usage in the New Year

While electricity is a valuable tool, it can also be dangerous or deadly. People often forget about this because electricity is used for so many things. The more aware a person is of the dangers and expense of electricity, the more likely they are to refrain from common mistakes. Top tips for electrical usage are actually quite easy to follow.

Resolution #1: Do Not Overload the Circuitscircuit

Electrical circuits are only meant for a certain amount of electricity.  If a circuit or plug is overloaded, then it has more electricity running through the wires than it should which can cause the wires to produce intense heat. This can lead to melting wire insulation and fire. 

Ways to avoid overload:

  1. Replace old two-prong outlets for those with a ground
  2. Plug only one power strip in at a time
  3. Use correct wattage when changing light bulbs
  4. Use surge protectors on electronics such as computers and TVs

outletsResolution #2: Have Wiring Inspected

The second way to protect a home against errant electricity is to hire an electrician to perform an inspection. The code for how the wiring should be done is updated on a regular basis, so what may have been up to code ten or more years ago is not acceptable by today’s standards. Professionals should know what the standards are and how to apply them. An electrical safety inspection and a discussion with an electrical service company about code compliance is an excellent move toward improved electricity.

Resolution #3: Get Aging and Tattered Wires Replaced

After the electrician inspects the wiring there is the final step: putting any recommendations into action.  This step is absolutely crucial if there is old or faulty wiring in the home. Frayed, old or damaged wiring can be terribly dangerous and has been responsible for a great deal of death and property damage. Below are listed a few reasons that a homeowner should never ignore bad wiring:

  • Ticking Time Bombs: The question is not whether there is going to be a problem, but rather when a problem will occur. These wires are just waiting to cause significant damage.
  • The Dollar Bills: These wires will be less efficient, costing more money.
  • Insurance: Often, insurance companies will not cover a house with wiring known to be problematic. If a claim is filed, and there is a known problem, there is cause to reject that claim.
  • Circuit Breakers Tripping: Circuit breakers will constantly be turning off due to the disruption of the old and damaged wires. Plugging in a griddle and using the microwave at the same time could be bad news.
  • Melting Plugs: Old damaged outlets can lead to an overheat of the plug. It can melt and cause the appliance and the outlet to become unusable.
  • Fire and Death Risk: The risk of fire or electrocution is much higher with old wiring. 


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