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Outdoor Lighting Can Transform Any Backyard Cookout

It’s Time To Make the Backyard Ready for Summer!

Summer is the perfect time of year for backyard barbeques and parties. That means the time to start planning for those festivities, designing a perfect backyard oasis, and making the most of the sunshine, is now! One of the easiest, and best, ways to help create an atmosphere for a backyard party is to invest in outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is a small investment that goes a long way as there are many different ways to light up a backyard. Homeowners have so many options to choose from that can help them create the exact atmosphere they are going for. 

Below are three different types of outdoor lighting that tend to be best sellers every year among homeowners. Continue reading to learn more about floodlights, landscape lights, and string lights. 

Floodlights: For Brighter Lights

floodlightsFloodlights are a common type of outdoor light for areas that need more light. Homeowners have put them at the top of their garage to provide bright light when parking and getting out of the car. These lights are also great to have near the backyard during the summer because it gives a sense of security when there are multiple people in the backyard at night. It also provides light to eat by as the sun goes down for those late evening cookouts! 

Below are some other benefits of having floodlights installed: 

  • They have a long shelf life
  • They are energy-efficient
  • They are more cost-effective 

This type of lighting might be more for functionality rather than ambiance, but almost every home can benefit from having at least one near their backyard. 

Landscape Lighting: To Show Off the Yard

Homeowners work hard to keep their landscaping beautiful in the summer. Why not show it off with landscape lighting? This lighting is perfect to enhance the plants, shrubs, and flowers. Not only does the soft light show off different parts of the yard, but it also shows walkways for people to walk through the yard. 

Landscaping lighting is generally a soft light, especially compared to floodlighting. There are many different design options for landscaping lights, and can be easily installed by a professional. Decorative light posts can be placed in various spots throughout the yard and even along walkways. The light itself, whether with regular or LED bulbs, is just bright enough to draw attention to the area but isn’t overbearingly bright. 

String Lights for Aestheticslights

Outdoor string lights are one of the trendiest lighting structures this year. Whether homeowners place the lights indoors or outdoors, these lights are in style. String lights are also a cheap way to light up an area that is low enough to give off a relaxing atmosphere. It might still be hard to see a lot of things in the dark, but these lights definitely provide adequate lighting for just hanging out outside after a cookout. 

When homeowners are ready to have outdoor lighting installed in their yard, they should call their local electrician for professional installation of any additional electrical wiring that might be needed. 

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