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Make Repairs a Thing of the Past This Summer With AC Maintenance

A Summer Without AC Repair Is a Summer To Remember

Summer is the time of year that homeowners need their AC systems to work without fail. Without proper air conditioning, family members could suffer from health issues, not to mention it isn’t comfortable to sit inside a hot home in the summer. 

Homeowners can keep the summer parties going with a few tips from professionals. It is important that homeowners schedule routine maintenance, replace the air filter, and check on the AC unit. Doing these things will ensure the AC works all summer long and continues to work efficiently for years to come. Below is the information homeowners need to keep their AC units happy this year.  

For Starters: Replace the Air Filterfilter

Ask an AC technician, and they will tell you just how important the air filter is to the integrity of the entire HVAC system. The homeowner must replace the air filter at least once every three months. However, if a family lives in a home with pets or allergy sufferers, the air filter needs to be replaced even more frequently. 

When the air filter doesn’t get replaced, all the contaminants in the air clog up the filter until it can’t filter anything anymore. Once the filter gets clogged, the AC system starts to suffer because it has to work overtime to cool down the home the way it used to. 

In turn: 

  • The energy bill goes up
  • The AC breaks down more often 
  • The air quality suffers 
  • Allergies and illnesses act up 
  • The AC won’t last as long as it could
  • The warranty for the system gets voided out


Check Around the HVAC Unit

Aside from regular air filter replacement, it is also crucial that the HVAC unit gets a clean sweep now and then. Both the inside and outside units can get covered with debris and dust, and it’s important to keep the area clean so the unit can breathe sufficiently and work properly. If the area surrounding the unit is covered, it can cause problems with the system's inner workings, causing it to overwork and break down. 

It is also important to check because there could be water surrounding the outside of the unit. If this happens, the homeowner must call a professional immediately. A leak in the AC system could lead to other and more expensive problems in no time at all. 

Routine Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Necessary 

maintenanceRegularly scheduled professional AC maintenance is the most important responsibility for homeowners to remember when it comes to their AC systems. Many AC maintenance benefits come with regularly scheduled appointments with an expert. 

Some of which include: 

  • An efficient system 
  • A longer-lasting system
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Lower repair costs
  • Lower energy bill costs
  • Cleaner air 

Not to mention, AC maintenance also leads to a more fun summer because the homeowner doesn’t have to deal with AC problems when any issues are caught during maintenance before damage can worsen. 

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