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Get Ahead of Sweater Weather With Early Heater Maintenance

Winter Is Coming: Here’s How to Brace for It

Summer’s not quite over, but signs of the coming fall season are beginning to emerge: a tree here and a plant there beginning to change color, an odd day or week when the air is crisp and chill, and neighbors putting away their summer flowers in favor of fall decor. 

Soon, air conditioners will quiet down, and heaters will slowly begin to hum to life as fall makes way for winter. After months in hibernation, heaters will once again get a lot of mileage, but the question is, are they ready to operate almost every day? Here is information and a few crucial reasons why homeowners should get a head start on heater maintenance:

Benefits of Heating System Maintenance

saveMaintenance is a key component of keeping any system in great working order, and a home’s heating system is no exception. Aside from minimizing the risk of breaking down by nearly 95%, a timely heating tune-up also maximizes the system’s energy efficiency, effectively reducing energy bills by a significant margin. 

Heating maintenance also helps to catch any potential problems before they become major issues, extends the longevity of the heater, and helps to avoid catastrophic breakdowns that could not only take the heater out of commission for an extended period but also lead to either an expensive repair or an even more costly replacement.

What’s Included?

maintenanceWhen conducting a scheduled heating maintenance visit, an HVAC technician does many important things to extend the heater’s lifespan and prevent issues. They will inspect essential components of the heater, such as the flue pipe, burners, flame sensors, blower assembly, heat exchanger, and ignition or pilot light. Once these have been inspected, adjustments are made as necessary to ensure everything is in good working order.

HVAC contractors will also check the heating system’s controls and the home’s thermostat to ensure correct operation and that the heating system will be ready to keep the house comfortable all fall and winter long. If they find any issues during maintenance, they can perform repairs before the problem gets worse. 

Advantages of Early Maintenance

Many people don’t have to be convinced of the importance of preventive maintenance, but some do wonder why it should be done ahead of time. After all, isn’t it too early to think about the heater when it’s 80 degrees outside? One of the most important reasons for doing early preventive maintenance on heaters in the fall is so that they are ready in case of an early cold front or an unexpectedly premature start to the fall and winter seasons. 

Another reason to get maintenance early in the fall is that scheduling a visit is easier because HVAC companies aren’t as busy repairing heaters as they are once the cold sets in. The last thing homeowners want to experience is for the heater to break down precisely when it is needed most and having to live without one as temperatures drop outside. 

About Gillece Services

With a service record that spans over 40 years, Gillece Services has become the trusted plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical service provider in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. Their team of well-trained, expert technicians use the latest technology and top brands to address concerns. They also offer flat-rate pricing and easy financing options that are sure to fit any budget. Call them today for heater maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA.

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